301 Careers in Nursing

Written for nurses of all education and experience levels, 301 Careers in Nursing highlights the exceptional array of diverse opportunities available to those interested in a career in nursing. Each of the carefully selected and researched careers described in this book embraces the core dimensions of nursing: caring, competence, and commitment to excellence in caring for others at all stages of life. If you are considering a career in nursing, if you know someone who is considering a career in nursing, if you are a guidance counselor, or if you are already a nurse but considering a change, you will benefit from this resource to the most prominent careers in nursing today.


This edition features 100 additional career options, with an emphasis on those available to the growing number of advanced practice nurses. Also new to this edition are 25 interviews from nurses practicing in a multitude of areas. These snapshots give you an inside look at opportunities in academia and practice settings that might be unfamiliar.


Each career entry includes:

    • Career description
    • Educational requirements
    • Core competencies and skills
  • Related websites and professional organizations
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