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My New Life in Vancouver

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The author, an English Instructor born in Vancouver, shares details about local everyday customs, culture and language that will help you build your new life in Vancouver. This detailed guide will give you a good understanding of the basics of everyday life, so you will feel more relaxed and confident in your interactions with locals.

In addition to practical information about life in Vancouver, the book also covers the unwritten rules of culture which can be a big source of misunderstanding and confusion. All the entries in the book are presented in both English and Chinese, translated by Yi Zheng, himself an immigrant to Vancouver from China. The bilingual nature of the book ensures that you can easily understand everything in the book regardless of your English level.

Through short daily readings that cover an entire year in the life of Vancouverites, you will learn the information needed to comfortably settle into your new community and build a happy and successful life for you and your family.

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Positively Canadian: A Fun Guide to Candian Language, Culture and History

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Want to know more about this great country of Canada?

Want to improve your English as you "share a conversation" with the author?

Then this book is for you!

The informal writing style makes it utterly readable and delightfully


You could read it just for the fun of knowing more about Canada

and skip the English exercises.

Or, you could just do the exercises to give you a little help in improving your English grammar. Either way, you can't help but learn more about Canada as every sentence in the exercises tells you a bit more.

The author's light-hearted comments and personal experiences regarding many of the "facts" on each province and territory add a delightful informality to the writing.

Whether you are an adult wanting a 'refresher' on Canada, an ESL student wanting grammar practice while learning zany Canadian facts or a new citizen of Canada, there is something

here for everyone.

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