Dialogue Card Games: Sports & Hobbies

The Sports and Hobbies Dialog Card Game contains teaching instructions and a handy student handout for 24 common sports and hobbies plus 8 card decks on different-coloured card stock. (You need 2 decks per group of 3 to 5 students.)
To play, students take turns inviting another student in the group based on a card they have. For example, S1 says, Do you like to play basketball? and Would you like to play basketball with us? If S1 has the same card, they accept the invitation. But if he doesn’t have the same card, he must politely turn it down. There are dialog suggestions for Levels 1 to 3, along with substitution suggestions for inviting, accepting and rejecting.
NOTE: You can also use this game to contrast the present and past:
Do you ever…? Did you … when you were young?
Objective: Oral fluency in giving and accepting or turning down invitations. Identifying sports using “play” or “go”.
Talking about which sports and hobbies you do now and did as a child.

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