Dialogue Card Games: Verb Cards for Beginners

The Verbs for Beginners Dialog Card Game contains teaching instructions and a handy student handout for 24 common verbs plus 8 card decks on different-coloured card stock. (You need 2 decks per group of 3 to 5 students.)
To play, students take turns asking another student in the group a question based on a card they have. If S1 has the same card, they give an affirmative answer. But if he doesn’t have the same card, he must give a negative answer.
Use to practice questions and answers with a specific verb tense or to contrast two verb tenses.
Present Simple: Do you ___ every day? What/When…do you ___?
Present Simple vs Simple Past: Do usually ___? Did you ___ yesterday?
Present Continuous: Are you busy? What are you doing?
Present Simple vs. Present Continuous: Do you ___ every day? Are you ___ing right now?
Past: Did you ___ yesterday? (+ additional Wh- question)
Future: Are you going to… (+ additional Wh- question)
Present vs. Future Do you usually ___? Are you going to ___ tomorrow?
Present Perfect Have you ___ yet? (+s extra question such as: When are you going to __? or When did you __?)

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